The Lowry Hotel & Spa Manchester | A Review

Before I moved back to Ibiza for the Summer, I had spent the last couple of month’s sofa surfing*, working between London and Manchester and to be honest with you, it was getting really tiring. All the travelling and none stop meetings, living out of a suitcase each week, it really made me feel quite drained. I am very fortunate that my job keeps me so busy, but every once in a while, it is really important to switch off and just take some time out, you know? So when The Lowry Hotel & Spa invited me along for an overnight experience and a treatment I of course jumped at the opportunity. Manchester is one of my favourite cities and it is where both of my sisters live, so I had been spending a lot of time there, but had no idea that this beautiful hotel was minutes from my house. I cannot remember the last time I booked myself into a hotel just for a night, simply to relax and wind down, and not for the sake of a meeting the next day…

Just thinking about this evening makes me smile, I remember how tired I was, and just how much I really, really needed to order every ounce of room service and fall into the biggest food coma. I ran a hot bath and sat there, with a gin and tonic,  thinking YESSS. A little bit of me time. 

*Posh sofa surfing might I just point out, my beautiful friend Lauren from Britton Loves had me stay for a week here and there and I had my own cosy little bedroom! I miss eating all the cookies and watching chick flicks with you & your mum, please visit me soon!

Now, the Spa. First of all, you feel like you are in a totally different place, not a busy city. It is so quiet and has a real sense of calm. White walls and tranquil lighting instantly make you relax and I could have literally spent the whole day there, with so many treatments to choose from. There is a dedicated area to having a manicure and pedicure, as well as a sauna, a relaxation room and obviously all the treatment rooms. They even offer colonics – which I have never had, but they do intrigue me. If you want a complete overhaul and want the ultimate spa day, then I can highly recommend coming here. The staff were so friendly and were great when I asked them about all the products on display. I opted for Reflexology, but they have every kind of facial and massage going, as well as special packages!


I stayed in one of the suites and ate the nicest King Prawn Linguine pasta, as well as a cheeky cheese board. Oh my gosh, I am so hungry right now (currently writing this sat in the office waiting to go home to eat everything in my fridge) I could devour all of this all over again. Simply just after one evening in this stunning hotel and spa, I felt totally chilled and like a weight had been lifted. Our wellbeing is so important, we have to make sure we take the time to look after ourselves and not get too caught up in our busy life styles. I have made a promise to myself to get a facial at least once a month and treat myself to a pedicure. I definitely want another spa day, and I would 100% visit The Lowry again. I actually posted on my Facebook page, my personal page, that I was here and some friend’s of mine had booked to stay the following weekend,  just goes to show how popular it is and when my toes step foot on English soil again in seven months time, I will be booking myself back in.


Thank you for having me The Lowry Hotel & Spa.