Luxury Bathroom Additions.

There is nothing more satisfying than setting yourself time aside every week for a full on pamper session. It is so important to take time out of our busy schedules to unwind, relax and focus on just ourselves for a little while. I try to incorporate a little self love into my daily routine in the form of meditation and affirmations, but once a week, with the help of some luxury beauty products, I go to town on making myself feel better on the outside too. One thing I am seriously missing whilst being here in Ibiza, is a bath, my god guys, I love my apartment but I would do anything to have a bath. One day I will have my ultimate dream home with the biggest bath you could ever imagine. Onto the products…

Kinka Gold Cleansing Foam

This beautiful cleanser is made up of Rosemary, Soya, Coconut and Grapefruit Peel oil. It smells amazing and is so lovely to use. I use this as a second cleanse, to really treat my skin. It is suitable for all skin types. It is a little on the expensive side but this is down to the concentrate of ingredients used. It contains flakes of 24k gold which has a natural skin brightening affect, as well as moisturising and plumping the skin. It cleans away any impurities whilst brightening and firming the skin too. (£59)

Nyasa Metamorphosis Revitalising Beauty Oil

This reminds me of my favourite Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil. It is jam packed full of lush ingredients which hydrate, revitalise and nourish the skin. I used this of an evening when I want to give my skin some extra love. Whenever I use this the next day all my dehydration lines are completely gone, and it feels a lot plumper. I find a lot of facial oils can be quite heavy and sit on the surface of your skin, whereas this one just soaks right in. The best bit? IT SMELLS AMAZING. Quite pricey but totally worth it. (£95)

Sarah Chapman Overnight Lip Concentrate

I have used an eye cream for years, but I never really thought about the lines that appear around our lips, until recently that is. Sarah Chapman has this product which you can apply all over the lip area, and around the edges which plumps up and replenishes the lips. I do not have any significant lines around my lips, but I do have sun damage and pigmentation which I know in time will lead to this area ageing significantly as I get older. I love using this. (£32)



Mauli Serenity Pitta Body Oil

I can’t even explain how lovely this body oil is. You don’t just apply this in a whim like a body moisturiser. The idea is you take your time massaging this product into the skin, working from your feet upwards. Then you leave it for around 20 minutes to work it’s magic and you can either go straight to sleep or have a nice, warm bath. This honestly smells beautiful and instantly relaxes me. I find it is great to use if you have been aching from doing a lot of exercise, or you feel very tight and anxious – it just helps to loosen your limbs and make you feel calmer again. (£44)

3 More Inches Pre Wash Treatment

Basically this stuff is an absolute god send for my hair. I am forever having it coloured, chopped off, styled – you name it, my hair has been through that process. The ends are always so damaged. I am now on a mission to grow my hair long, and as I refuse to wear extensions, I need to ensure that my hair is in the best condition possible so it continues to grow healthy and strong without any breakage. This stuff promises to help slow down the ageing process of your hair… whether it does or not, I don’t actually know, but it sure makes it feel great. (£9.00)

Phillip B Russian Amber Imperial Roots up

Whenever I have a full pamper session, I always wash my hair and treat it with a mask, but I will always make a conscious effort to style it and blow dry it properly so that I don’t have to do much with my hair for the rest of the week. This is rather wonderful as a fixing spray, and also great for creating lots of volume in the root area! I also have a bottle of this in my professional kit – it really is that good. (£59)

Nearly the weekend… nearly time to wind down.

What are your pamper rituals?