Body Positivity, Fat Shaming & Bullying.


Right now, I am sat in my bedroom, with my phone switched off. Stunned into silence. I feel upset, angry and actually, I feel like I have just been bullied in a high school playground. I am 27 years old, yet I feel like I cannot voice my opinion without a thousand online wolves waiting to tear me down. 

Note to future self. Never voice an opinion on Twitter. 

I wasn’t going to write this post, but I am not the kind of person who takes things lightly or gets pushed into a corner. I stand up for myself, always have, and always will.

I never normally care what people think of me, especially online strangers, but in this case it is different.

I care now, because I unintentionally upset a LOT of people. So I will begin this by saying sorry. I genuinely, am sorry.

I am not a pretty, white girl trying to dictate body positivity. Why what I look like – my skin colour included – has anything to do with this is beyond me. 

I am not a secret fat-phobe. Someone else’s words,  not mine.

And I most certainly am not saying anyone should feel less of a person for being unhealthy. 

I am not saying, being unhealthy makes you less human.

Let’s discuss.

This evening I wrote a couple of tweets, which I have since deleted which read:

Absolutely WINDS me up when people confuse Body Positivity with ACTUAL HEALTH ISSUES where weight is concerned. Like whatever your body looks like, BE POSITIVE ABOUT IT AND CELEBRATE IT, but if it is affecting your health… that’s not cool. 

I deleted them because I so obviously offended and hurt so many. This, was not my intention.

If you are already upset by what I said, then I genuinely am sorry. With only a 120 count limit on Twitter it is very difficult to portray an opinion, and hindsight is a wonderful thing. So let me once again apologise, and explain…

Why did I tweet what I did?

Lush Ltd are showing a film this evening, a film called What The Health. On Instagram, they released a set of images with statistics about health, cancer, obesity and lifestyle related deaths. A lot of people were offended, calling the brand out for no longer being body positive. Yup, the majority of people are totally aware of all these statistics already, I get that. Lush were not saying do not be body positive, they are talking about a huge issue which should be discussed. I am totally baffled why people think it is wrong of them to not discuss important health issues. 

Comments like why should a brand care about my health? Why are you getting involved in my health? These are petty comments. Grow up. Anyone who gets offended by this campaign is not seeing the bigger picture.

Lush have since released a statement apologising for the way they promoted their campaign, and it saddens me they felt they needed to, when all they were doing were sharing shocking facts.

So. There is the background to where my opinion came from.

In no sense of my tweet was I fat shaming. In no sense of my tweet was I saying you should be shamed for not being healthy. 

In my opinion, as everyone is entitled to one, our bodies are something we should look after and treasure. We only have one after all. How you live your life is absolutely none of my business, and I honestly do not care, but as a general opinion I think all humans, of all shapes, colour and size should try to be healthy. Simple.

Am I healthy?

A little about me. I am 5”11 and very, very slim. I am actually clinically UNDERWEIGHT.  I don’t eat meat, I eat fish. I love cheese and wine, and pizza. I don’t smoke but I do occasionally drink, and as someone also pointed out on Twitter, I have piercings. So, guys, I am also not “healthy”.

I feel happy. I feel HEALTHY. If you too feel both of these things, that is great. This, THIS is my point.

This week alone I have been called out by work colleagues, on how skinny I am looking. If I get stressed I lose weight very easily. I get called skinny all the time, and it hurts. I struggle with putting weight on, because I have an extremely high metabolism and I also have mental health issues. Amongst that I also have PTSD. So for those of you taking to attacking me on Twitter, did you ever stop to think that I also have my own body issues?

No. The majority of you stuck me in the “Skinny Bitch” category.

One person even stating fat people invented body positivity.

I did not realise your size constituted whether or not you could be positive about how you looked.

The only way I can further express my point is this.

I have a dog. I take him to the vets. I think he looks flawless, and he seems happy and healthy, and boy that makes me happy. My vet however, tells me he is overweight, he needs to go on a few more dog walks.

I want my pooch to be happy, AND be healthy. It has absolutely nothing to do with his weight or appearance. The vet could have told me he was too skinny. It works both ways.


You can be body positive whatever your size.

You can be body positive whatever your health.

I never said otherwise.

I just believe that trying to be your healthiest self, can lead to a happier self. Health not only by how much you weigh.

I hope all of that makes sense, and I truly am sorry for offending anyone.

Lots of love.

  • El Heap

    I fell saddened that you, like Lush felt the need to apologise. By the sounds of it, the people that attacked you are the people who most need to listen to what you were saying. We all have our problems. I am a prime example of always thinking that I’m fat, but the second I start doing exercise I feel so much better about myself. It is all about mindset.
    What really annoys me is that people always get offended and shout you down for expressing an opinion and “how dare you?”, when they are the ones forcing their opinion on you. They are usually the people in denial.
    You have nothing to apologise for. x

  • Simonne Feeney

    Anything that adversely effects health should be highlighted – weight (too much or too little), smoking, alcohol, drugs – I’m sorry you were set upon because of this…

    I’m a size 18 & feel no way upset or put out by your comments – I agree with you….

    Didn’t read all your post – but wanted to show my support anyway x

  • Lauren B

    I totally agree with your tweet – why would people be upset over that? Crazy!

  • thewonkyjen

    Seems fair. I support this narrative.

    Love from a rather overweight bird – I’m overweight, I have poor health – however I’m overweight BECAUSE of my illness, not the other way round! I find this scenario humorously apt….?

  • runspud

    People are so quick to declare offense-it’s really ridiculous. Facts were presented-nothing personal, no shaming. I agree with you in that I believe our bodies should be well-cared for. I take it as a responsibility and expression of gratitude for the life I’ve been given. If someone chooses not to-that’s fine, I don’t get it, but it’s their choice. But then don’t shoot the messenger when they are reminded that their conscious choices may contribute to disease and poor health. Educating isn’t shaming-it’s an opportunity to give factual information that can affect a positive change or be ignored. Free will- do what you want, but don’t say “I never knew. No one ever told me,,,”.