Less is Better with Kiko Cosmetics.



I ruddy love Kiko Cosmetics. My blog is home to many a review of this brand and the past collections it has brought out. One of my most popular posts ever is this post here, back when I first started blogging – or even knew how to take a professional photograph. This year, Kiko is celebrating an amazing TWENTY YEARS OF BEAUTY. Their first ever store opened back in 1997, in Fiorucci. Now they have over 1,000 stores in 20 countries – a third of which are based in Italy. I first discovered the brand whilst living in Mallorca, over four years ago, and I have used them religiously ever since. One of my favourite ever foundations is this one here and I carry so many of their products in my professional make-up kit. If you have never tried this brand before, now could be your chance.

But first….

Kiko decided to team up with the one and only Vogue Italia, to celebrate this important occasion and they have selected seven international designers to create seven limited edition capsule collections. The first one of which, is this one: Less is Better.Β 

I am just going to throw this out there, this possibly could be my favourite EVER collection from Kiko. It is right up my street, channeling the “no make-up” make-up trend which accentuates our natural beauty. You all know that I am not one to wear loads of make-up, I prefer my skin to look real. Created in partnership with SuperDuper Handmade Hats, this collection helps you to create a sophisticated, ethereal beauty look.

So what can you get? It is made up of highlighters, a beautiful eyeshadow palette, cream blushers, matte lipsticks, ultimately a collection that focuses on your eyes and lips, and clean skin. There is a konjac sponge in this range, which I found quite odd hence why I have not even photographed it, and also a cool, clear bag to store your makeup in. Full of neutral, nude colours, it really is a stunning collection.


Where do I even start? The cream blushers come in a beautiful glass jar, that will look amazing sat on anyones dressing table. They give your skin a natural flush and the texture is lightweight, and easy to blend. The eyeshadow palette is immensely wearable, and one that will no doubt be a match for my Rosie Eyeshadow palette which I currently use daily. You can create a really subtle smokey eye or wear a wash of nude colour to keep your look fresh. The matte lipsticks are long lasting and I would wear at least 3 of the four shades available – the really nude shade is not my cup of tea, but a great option for those who do love a seriously nude lip. The fluid highlighters are my favourite, they are so pretty and so easy to apply and blend. Definitely ones to pick up for Summer. There is a golden shade for darker skin tones and a glorious champagne shade for paler skins. I will be taking both of these to Ibiza this Summer for sure. Then there are the long lasting eyeshadow sticks, available in 3 different shades, a gold, a pink and a copper shade. Again, all of these shades are super pretty and the formula is smudge proof and long lasting.

The best news?

YOU CAN WIN THE ENTIRE COLLECTION. Yes. All of it. Every shade! All you gotta do is enter this Rafflecopter giveaway thing below and if you’re really nice why not tweet @KikoMilanoUK and wish them happy birthday too πŸ˜‰ P.S I have 10000000% not been paid to do this giveaway, I got sent the collection and thought why not share it with you guys, I just hope Kiko send me some birthday cake to say thanks. This competition is ONLY OPEN TO THE UK and will run for 1 week. Good luck!


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  • Beautyqueenuk

    I adore the palette and cannot find it anywhere *cries* x

  • thewonkyjen

    This looks right up my alley as I’m definitely a simple, clean and fresh sort of makeup girl. For me, I’d be hard pushed to choose between the lipsticks and the blush as the items I’m coveting most!

  • I love KIKO definitely one of the best makeup brands out there!! Love your photos!! The less is better palette looks like something I need!! xx

    Tash | natashatodd.co.uk

  • Becky John

    The eye shadow palette

  • Kelly Peacock

    My favourite are the cream blushers!

  • Sarah prescott

    I love the eye shadow palette

  • Donata S

    My favourite is the eye shadow palette – lovely choice of colours x

  • OMG all of these shades are divine! xx

  • Fiona

    The blusher looks lovely and creamy

  • Mari Sutherland

    Tough choice but I would say the eyeshadow palette

  • *Kimberley*Jackson*

    i love the palette πŸ˜€ beautiful array of shades

  • Ann-Marie Gould

    i really like the look of the cream blush

  • Lindsay McPhee

    The eyeshadow palette looks divine πŸ™‚

  • Miley

    I love the look of the Impeccable Rosewood Matte Lipstick! It looks just like the type of colour id love! <3

  • Emily Turner

    Definitely the Eyeshadow Palette, the colours are so pretty and perfect for a subtle everyday look!

  • Sobia Naseer

    I love the eyeshadow palette x

  • Sarah Pybus

    Loving the silky cashmere lipstick πŸ™‚

  • Kerry Taylor

    I love the eye shadow pallette. And that you say ‘ruddy’ πŸ˜€

  • Kelly glen

    I love the matte lipsticks they are such beautiful colours.

  • stuart hargreaves

    matte lipsticks – not for me of course

  • Emma Gibson

    The fluid highlighter.

  • Jodie beaumont

    the matte lipsticks!

  • Claire Simpson

    love the eye shadow pallette xx

  • Eleanor Beavan

    I love the eye shadow pallette, the shades are simply gorgeous and I could create so many different looks.

  • Elizabeth Hinds

    I love the look of the eye shadow palette – the shades are just gorgeous! πŸ™‚

  • the cashmere lipstick looks loverly

  • Jo Carroll

    I think the the eye shadow palette is amazing..really nice tones. x

  • Charlotte Herbert

    I really love the matte lipsticks! πŸ™‚

  • amy bondoc

    oo this is the first time ive heard of this brand the products sound fab, im always on the look out for new foundations so i gues thats my favourite x

  • Alica

    I love eyeshadow palette!

  • Shannon ODonnell

    The Matte lipsticks look great, I tend to either choose a really dark lip colour if I’m going out for an evening but prefer the lightest shades for the day

  • honey&lemon

    I tried their Fluid Highlighter in one of their stores on the day of the launch and it’s magical! The shopping assistant combined it with one of their Spring Collection highlighters and the result was absolutely astonishing.


    definately the matt lipsticks x

  • geezerbird44

    The cream blushers look lovely colours for spring

  • Robyn s

    The shades in the eyeshadow pallet are just gorgeous!

  • Sarah Ann

    I’m not usually a hge fan of cream blushes but these look lovely!

  • Sam Rhodes

    The colours are so neutral and nice. Very day time appropriate πŸ™‚ x

  • Kristy Leanne Brown

    The eyeshadow is lovely

  • lindsay chadburn

    has to be the cream blushers fab

  • Sophie Foulds

    Eye shadow pallet looks gorgeous xx

  • The liquid lipsticks are my favourite! Those nude shades are right up my alley (:

  • Lisa Pope

    I really like the cream blush, actually it was a toss up between that and the fluid highlighter

  • Claire Nutman

    Love the eyeshadow palette, beautiful summer colours x

  • purpleshoes1

    I love a matte lipstick!

  • Natalie White

    The fluid highlighters are sooooo good! πŸ™‚

  • Val Swift

    My favourite is the eyeshadow palette

  • Melissa Lee

    I love eyeshadow palettes and this one looks so pretty – definitely my fave

  • Solange

    I love the eye shadow palette.

  • Sarah Lewis

    I’m loving the matte lipsticks and eyeshadow palette

  • β™« Alison M β™ͺ

    Loving the eyeshadow palletes, great collection of colours

  • Jane

    The eyeshadow pallet looks great!


    the fluid highlighter looks good

  • Terri Kelly

    I like the eyeshadow pallette πŸ™‚

  • Keshia Esgate

    would like to try the cream blushers

  • Iris Waldburger

    I have to say it all looks great but I would love to try the fluid highlighter

  • leanne williams

    has to be the cream blushers

  • Allison Lee Sherwood

    I love the eyeshadow pallette, gorgeous colours

  • Lisa Wilkinson

    The foundation

  • Karen R

    I love the fluid highlighters πŸ™‚

  • Diana

    cream blushers

  • I’d love to try the cream blushes most!

  • Michelle Carlin

    I love the matte lipsticks.

  • Marrian

    I like the cream blushers.

  • Vicki A Smith

    My favourite is the eyeshadow pallette. I love Kiko products used to spend hours in their shop in Paris on my trips there before they opened a store near me!

  • Andrew Hindley

    love the eye shadow pallettes

  • Sarah H

    It’s a difficult one as love all of the colours / products look lovely. Especially loving the Matte lipsticks β™₯

  • Ali Thorpe

    It’s hard to choose as I like every item but the eyeshadow palette has gorgeous, neutral colours, a perfect day and night palette.

  • isabelle smith

    the matte lipsticks x

  • moonray69

    Love the cream blush, but the fluid highlighter is very appealing too

  • emma j lowe

    I like the rosewood lipstick

  • Paula Phillips

    I love the eye shadow palettes.

  • Katie Skeoch

    The pearly quartz eyeshadow looks lovely

  • Jayne Kelsall

    I love the Essential Rose Matte Lipstick .x

  • Jenny Jones

    I haven’t tried it before would love to try the fluid highlighter

  • Hannah oneill

    The Essential rose lipstick looks amazing

  • Laura Wheatley

    gotta be the matte lipsticks they look lush <3

  • Jenna Dick

    The eyeshadow pallette definitely – I find I’m wearing more neutral colours these days.

  • kat walsh

    The pearly quartz eyeshadow

  • Jane Middleton

    eye shadow palette

  • bethcastle

    less is more matte lipstick…looks fab

  • lyn

    What a gorgeous collection! Cant decide between the matt lipstick or the cream blush. Im going for the blush!

  • emily fraser

    I love the look of the eyeshadow palette! πŸ™‚

  • Ellie Spider

    the eyeshadow looks great

  • Hannah Carroll

    It all looks fantastic, but I could probably say the Matte Lipsticks appeal most to me, mainly because I usually wear brights, and have only recently found a huge love for nudes, so I would love to add to my small collection! xx

  • Katy

    The highlighter- looks really light and natural. Although I am partial to collecting eyeshadow

  • Emily Hutchinson

    The eyeshadows look great

  • Caroline Bourne

    The eyeshadow palette has gorgeous shades

  • Janet

    Oh the highlighter for me love a little shine πŸ™‚

  • Pauline Black

    loving the look of the highlighter!

  • snarepuss

    I love the highlighter πŸ™‚

  • The highlighter is just gorgeous!

  • Shelley Stevenson

    torn between the eyeshadows and the highlighter…infact everything is perfect would LOVE to win <3

  • Lisa B

    Love the cream blush

  • Jessica Hutton

    I love the eyeshadow palette. It’s gorgeous xx

  • becki miller

    I love the look of the fluid highlighter! Definitely love to give them a try!

  • Chloe Jane

    The eyeshadow palette

  • Emma

    The eyeshadow palette