Autumn/Winter Nails

 8 Gorgeous Nail Polishes 🙂

Hey Guys! So, I noticed a few Autumn/Winter Nail posts flying about so I thought I would do one myself.
Over the Summer I hardly wore nail polish, even though I am sure there were lots of pretty colours during the season for me to wear. I just prefer the cooler, darker shades that you get with the colder seasons. 
So I had a dig around my beauty boxes at home and found 8 nail polishes that I definitely will be wearing over the next few months.  

This purple shade was a steal at £2.99. I love how reasonable Barry M nail varnishes are, lots of great colours to choose from and the finish is lovely. I find I am alway drawn to purple, it is such a pretty colour. I wear this a lot on my toes, as its quite bright in comparison to the other shades I have picked. With this nail lacquer I would recommend two coats, and if you want it to stay on and not chip after a couple of days, definitely apply a top coat. I am super lazy and never bother with base coats, top coats etc. I just slap it on and I am good to go.

A slightly lighter purple this time, and lots more sparkle. This is the first Rimmel nail varnish I bought and I was again impressed. Application was really smooth and I only needed one coat to get the finish above. True to its name, it did dry super quick, which for me is just amazing. I am so clumsy and smudge my nail varnish a zillion times, so fast drying is exactly what I need.  £3.69, will hardly break the bank, I would definitely recommend buying one from this range if you want a cheap, quick and easy application. If you have any Christmas parties being planned, then try a sparkly purple, instead of your typical red polish to glam up your look for the night.

Ok, so this one is sliiightly more expensive than the other nail varnish so far at £12. However, Rococo, is without a doubt my favourite brand for painting my fingers and toes. I just love the packaging. I wish that I had kept the box to show you, these nail varnishes come in there own little pink and black floral box. Perfect when buying someone a small gift or if like me, you just love packaging! At the moment, I think the only place you can get this brand, in the UK, is SpaceNK. It is quite a new brand but I am sure everyone will love it. So many colours to choose from, but I felt this colour was just perfect for this time of year. A true, fall colour. I always tend to wear darker, reddy lips, to match my paling skin, so this nail colour is an awesome match. Highly pigmented and the staying power is incredible. I use two coats, and find it takes a good while for this bad boy to chip. 
I would recommend this nail product to everyone 🙂  

 Everyone is obsessing over this “Greige” trend. I had no idea this little bottle would be right on trend, how happy I was to find it in my box of goodies. It is a dark grey/beige shade and it is just so lovely on. If you want to be bang on style this season and are not a fan of dark nails then this is the colour for you. £11, again a bit pricey in comparison to the normal drugstore brands, but you get quality from O.P.I. Gorgeous, easy application and a colour that lasts. 
Another colour I find myself drawn to at this time of year, is silver! It is a little more daring than just wearing a bog standard black for instance, but I just love it. This one I have had a wee while, I know you are supposed to throw them out but I could just not let go of this and the fact it is still in great condition just shows that spending £14 (ouch) is so worth it. I find with metallic shades  you do need a little more patience than normal. The brush strokes tend to show up more, but with a little time and effort, and 2-3 coats later you can have perfect nails. I love this bluish gray, but they have lots of new colours this year so go ahead and check them out.  

I blogged about these beauties HERE.
This brand is my latest find. I needed some new shades of nail polish for my kit so picked up these two shades. Now the black is, well, black, but the dark violet is in fact… you can see above… more of a shimmery brown with only flecks of violet in – oddly named I know. 
These are ridiculously good value for money, I bought these for £3.90 each and found them to be amazing. The colour drys really quickly, the application is again really smooth and easy, and the finish is super shiny and glossy. The models I used this on were really impressed too and couldn’t wait to get their hands on their own. I am wearing the Dark Violet shade today, after stealing the bottle back from my sister – who is an avid nail polish user and she loves them! 
Hope you enjoyed this post guys!! If you want to see any particular posts in the future, then please leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help put something together. 
See you soon,