Monday, 20 October 2014

Scary Doll Halloween Make-up | A Tutorial

Scary Doll Halloween Make-up Tutorial
Scary Doll Halloween Make-up Tutorial

Not long till Halloween now guys and dolls! If you are stuck for ideas, do not fret, as this tutorial is just one of many coming to the blog this week. Today, I present to you, the Scary Doll Halloween Make-up Tutorial.

No need to break the bank for Halloween, you can use products such as these from Sleek Make-up available online from Pauls Hair World in their new Beauty Section. Whilst your there you can even pick up a wig or two. For this particular look I used the Sleek I-Divine Acid Palette*, Candy Cane True Colour Lipstick* and a black liquid eyeliner*. 

I also used a white face paint from The Face Painting Store and two sets of falses lashes from Lash Boutique. The rest of the make-up you will definitely already have in your make-up bag. Super simple, and will not take you long to put together at all. Are we ready?

Scary Doll Halloween Make-up Tutorial
Scary Doll Halloween Make-up Tutorial
Scary Doll Halloween Make-up Tutorial
Scary Doll Halloween Make-up Tutorial

Step One - Base

Apply your primer, foundation, concealer as normal - or if you want to be super scary a few shades lighter than usual. I used M.A.C ProLongwear foundation in NC15, Amazing Cosmetics Concealer in Light Golden and M.A.C Prep & Prime Light Boost.

Step Two - Brows

Square off your eyebrows, first by drawing an outline and then filling them in with cartoon hair like strokes. I used Paul and Joe Beaut Eyebrow Liner in 03.

Step Three - Eyes

Using the Sleek Makeup I-Divine Acid Palette*, we want to work on the eyes next. Apply the purple shade with a soft blending brush like the Crownbrush C433 Pro Blending Fluff, all over the lid and above the socket. Next along the socket line and into the crease buff the dark pink/cranberry shade. Don't worry about it being neat as you can then use a clean blending brush to soften and tidy up the edges. Along the brow bone take the white eyeshadow and also take a little down your nose and centre of your chin.

With a white face paint, or a white coloured substitute (foundation, cream shadow), use a synthetic concealer brush to apply the semi circle shapes in the "bags" of your eye contour. You want to create the illusion of bigger, doll like eyes. I used the new C332 Precision Foundation brush from Crownbrush. Use the photographs above as a guideline.

Step Four - Liner & Lashes

Taking the Sleek Black Liquid eyeliner you want to line both the top of your lash line, and then going around the edge of the white semi circle you have just created. Make sure you connect the lines at the inner and outer corners of your eyes. This is a little trickier than it sounds, so have cotton buds/q-tips at the ready to help you neaten up any edges or erase any mistakes.

Next choose two pairs of fluttery, doll like eye lashes. The ones I used are from Lash Boutique. Apply one set to the top lash line, and the second set you want to attach to the black pretend lower lash line. See photographs above for guidance.

Step 5 - Lips

First blank out your lips by buffing over them with your foundation brush. You could use concealer if you wanted! Then you want only fill in the centre of your lips, making them much smaller and doll like. Accentuate your cupids bow and round off the edges. I used Candy Cane from Sleek Makeup, followed by lining the edge with the Sleek liquid eyeliner. If you have a black eye liner or pencil then use that if you prefer or find it easier.

Step 6 - The Finishing Touches

To finish off the look I defined and contoured the hollows of my cheeks using M.A.C Harmony Blusher, I then dotted some faux freckles in the centre of my face, mainly on my nose using the same eyebrow pencil I used earlier. I used the Sleek Makeup Liquid liner to create fake cracks in the skin to give the overall look more drama. You could even add fake blood if you wanted to get all out crazy.

Tweet me your recreations of this tutorial @zonewlove I would love to see your work! P.S Teddy says hey!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday Musings | Putting Too Much Pressure On Ourselves

Here we are, Sunday again. This is most probably my favourite day of the week, especially in Autumn. I plan to eat lots of cake and watch as many movies as humanely possible on Netflix. What are you rascals up to?

Now then, onto the topic of today's post. If you read last week's Sunday Musings (catch up here) you will know I am changing my lifestyle so that I can love myself, my mind and my body in a much better and healthier way. So far, so good a week on...

I started to question the reasoning for my little meltdown, and it all topples down to: Pressure. 

How much pressure do you put on yourself? Like, on a daily basis?

How often do you beat yourself up for not having done something or reached a goal yet?

You know what folks, every single one of us puts a big lump of pressure on our shoulders and it is just not necessary. We form this imaginary picture of how things should be at a certain age or point in life, and if it is not quite perfect we beat ourselves up and set ourselves unrealistic challenges - making us poorly and stressed. 

Ok. So I am 25. I wanted to be engaged, possibly even married by now. With a mortgage. Baby plans. A dog called Steve. I wanted to own all of Habitat and have a wardrobe head to toe full of Kos and One Teaspoon. I wanted my own business. radaa rada radaaaaa.....

You get the point?

Where am I? I am far from being engaged that's for sure, I definitely do not have a mortgage but instead ridiculously expensive rent and bills. No baby plans (checks belly) Nope definitely no baby in there. It saddens me so much that I do not have a dog called Steve. My wardrobe sucks. I have this blog, but no business as such, and I work for a great company.

I AM HAPPY. Do I really actually care that I haven't reached all those goals yet? I used to, oh my gosh did I get myself upset about it all. Right now, I am fine with not reaching those goals, and I am sure my future will home them well. So far, everything that has happened in my life, all the ups and tragic downs, has happened for a reason. I trust, that where I am right now, is exactly where I am meant to be. And I'm okay with that.

So guys, take a step back and a deep breathe. 

We have so much ahead of us, slow down and enjoy it. Stop rushing and waving your arms around. 

Enjoy planning. Enjoy setting those goals. Do not however, feel like if you haven't reached them that it is the end of the world. 

Because Imma tell you a secret, it's not. Life goes on. LIVE IT. 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation | The Review

Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation
Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation
Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation
Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation
Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation
Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation

Too Faced Cosmetics are one of my favourite make-up brands,  I love everything about their products and am a huge fan of their packaging. When I picked up this Cocoa Powder Foundation I was slightly nervous to try it, and so it has been sat in my beauty stash, unused, for quite some time. I have only recently been converted to trying out a loose mineral powder foundation, never mind a pressed compact. What would the liquid foundation lover in me think?

Well, a girl cannot resist chocolate. 

The Too Faced Cosmetics Cocoa Powder Foundation is in fact beautiful. It is one of the only foundations I have tried, confidently, which has remained shine and oil free - all day long. The weightless, plush matte formula glides onto the skin and feels completely undetectable - to the point where I always apply too much as I cannot feel it at all. Thanks to the cocoa powder, this foundation is rich in antioxidants so is fabulous for your skin. It absorbs oil yet is non drying and does not leave a chalky finish. With properties that also hydrate and smooth the skin, it fits perfectly with my skin type. I am dehydrated with an extremely oily t-zone, so to find a foundation that adapts and works with my skin is just brilliant. 

Even though this is amazingly undetectable on the skin, it also somehow manages to give a medium coverage. Any small blemishes and fine lines are practically erased leaving your skin all flawless and what not. 

I have been wearing this more than I expected too, especially as I really am not a fan of powder foundation. A very nice change indeed. Definitely one I would recommend to throw in your hand bag for on the go touch ups and travels! For £28 it is up on the expensive side, but it really is worth every penny. The shade range isn't all that great with only 8 to choose from, however these are flexible shades designed to blend with multiple skin tones,  ideally there will be one to suit everyone.

Did I mention it smells of chocolate? Need I say anymore. Available here from Look Fantastic.

Friday, 17 October 2014

New Additions.

I have some absolute gems to show you today, four new additions to the beauty collection. First up, from a brand that has yet to disappoint me, the Antipodes Manuka Honey Treatment mask*, a mask that has been on my wish list ever since I was introduced to this brand. For dehydrated skin it hits the spot; the nail on the head, the cherry on the cake - I don't even liiiiike cherries. Super moisturising, but also, this is the good bit, treats any blemishes, any cheeky little spot you may have uprising. Balancing and clarifying, as well as hydrating, 100% I'm already addicted to my new twice weekly ritual. Oh my lord, the sweet, sweet smell of vanilla and honey is ridiculous. I die.

I love this next fella that much, he gets a photo all to himself. Say hello to One Love Organics Supercritical Chia*. Things would get critical if this ever ran out, I'm tellin ya now. Game changer. If you have been a reader of my blog for sometime, you will know how much I love a facial oil. This is the truth right here, this is my new favourite bar non. Move on over Nude Progenius. Yes, the smell is peculiar, it reminds me of Eve Lom Cleansing Balm, that odd dentist chair smell that you know you have to dislike but actually, you don't mind it all that much. I have been using this for only a week, and have already seen drastic, drastic changes to my skin. Foundation, yeah I won't be needing you for a while. ONE LOVE. p.s i sprinkle chia seeds in my food and what not, so i am double dosing, that's allowed?

The third item on trial, is Vichy Idealia Eyes*, designed to transform the quality of the eye contour area by reducing dark circles, illuminating shadows and smoothing the over all look of fines lines and skin texture. So far, I don't like the applicator. Totally not feeling it - what is it with designers trying to be all posh ? Just stick to what we all know works. That aside, the formula itself is a beaut. My eyes look all perky and bright and so far I am happy.

Feeding my eye shadow palette addiction is Diego Dalla Palma, a brand I had never heard of before and I believe to be available in Marks and Spencer. This stunning eye palette, the La Vie En Rose*, contains 6 highly pigmented shades, 3 matte and 3 satin. Soft hues of pink and violet, as well as dusky, darker shades. Pinks and purples make my eyes come alive, so of course, I fell completely and utterly in love with this. Ideal for both day time and evening looks, I cannot wait to play around with this some more. I will be sure to try more from this brand, their lipsticks look beautiful too.

Now to wrap up and get outside, I do love Autumn, don't you?

Thursday, 16 October 2014

An Evening with The Perfume Society | Wine & Fragrances

The Perfume Society
The Perfume Society
The Perfume Society

Last month I was very kindly invited to attend a private wine tasting event with The Perfume Society. I love a glass of wine and I certainly love fragrances. I could not think of a better way to spend my evening. Well, maybe throw some cheese tasting into the mix too – heaven.

I felt a little out of place when I arrived at the event, as I feel I am still finding my feet in this blogging industry and thus was incredibly nervous to meet two inspirational and influential ladies: Josephine Fairly and Lorna McKay. It was an honour indeed.

Jo Fairly, is one of the UK’s top entrepreneurs and co-founder of one of my favourite brands: Green & Blacks chocolate, a £100 million pound business. Have you tried the Burnt Toffee chocolate? Ooh you must. She is also author to the brilliant book The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible.

Lorna McKay is just wonderful. She has worked as the buyer for Harrods and headed up Liberty’s fragrance education concept. Working with QVC, as head of the beauty department, this led to a relationship with Liz Earle and went on to develop their beautiful fragrances.

Both ladies were so inviting and welcoming, Lorna especially made me feel right at home and reminded me very much of my own mother. I think she picked up on my nerves. 

The evening consisted of trying 5 different wines, and to each wine a fragrance was paired. Such a fantastic idea. The taste of the wine really brought out the notes in each perfume. It was incredibly interesting to learn how each wine was made and to see the similarities in the way the perfume had been put together.

The Perfume Society concept, is for those who truly love their fragrance wardrobe and wish to be a part of new launches and understand more about the actual art of perfumery. Subscribe for a year, and receive a free Discovery box, similar to the one photographed above, along with the box you will be informed of special events, work shops and new launches.

Perfumes should not just be given to you as a present at Christmas or on your birthday, and you should not choose one simply because everyone else is wearing it or because it is the latest release. You especially should not choose one because a sales assistant has pressurised you into buying it just to reach their own targets. There is so, SO much more to perfume than that, and with the help of The Perfume Society, you can really begin to understand this and discover an exciting perfume, especially for you.

I personally love choosing fragrances and could spend an age lost in the Duty Free department. It no longer intimidates me or over powers me. I know what base notes I like, I know the ingredients that make my nose turn up and ones that I would bathe in.

A final note. You have to meet Fred. Your Virtual Fragrance Advisor. Just head to the website to see what I mean. You will never worry about finding a great fragrance, ever again.

Simply fabulous. 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Love Me Beauty | Redesign Edition

Love Me Beauty* took my beauty box subscription virginity. You can read my first ever post here and you will see just how impressed I was. This time around they have revamped their concept AND the packaging. It just gets better and better.

The original concept: 3 menus. Choose one. Pay £10 a month.

This way you know exactly what you are getting every month, but with the new concept they go one step further…

The revamped concept: Create a Beauty Profile. Pick exactly what goes into your box. Pay £10 a month.

So even though you are getting a sexier box – hello rose gold emblem and cheeky drawstring bag – and you get to pick everything that you receive – the price does not go up. Nope. BRILLIANT.

The idea is when you set up your Beauty Profile, Love Me Beauty understands more about you, and your hair colour, your skin type etc. Then you step into the virtual Boutique. You are given 6 credits to “spend” in the Boutique and with this you can get up to 6 products. Some products are 2 or 3 credits and others are 1, so you may only walk away with 3 products, but at least this way you have picked exactly what you want to try. You do have the option to add more credits if you wanted to fill your box with more treats, but this comes at a small extra cost.

So what did I choose last month?

Percy and Reed Dry Conditioner (Full Size)
Malin & Goetz Grapefruit Cleanser (Sample Size)
Oriflame Swedish Spa Cooling Shower Mousse (Full Size)
Absolute Bronzing Boost (Sample Size)

I am really happy with all of my products, and cannot believe this is what you can get for just £10 a month. It is by far one of the best beauty concepts I have ever come across. A totally tailored service bringing you amazing products to your doorstep each month. What’s not to love?

Monday, 13 October 2014

Benefit Majorette Booster Blush | #CheektoCheek Tag & Review

Benefit Majorette Booster Blush
Benefit Majorette Booster Blush
Benefit Majorette Booster Blush
Benefit Majorette Booster Blush
Benefit Majorette Booster Blush

Well, isn't about ruddy time Benefit Cosmetics brought out a cream blusher aye folks? 

The new Benefit Majorette Booster blush* has to be one of my favourite launches of the year so far - bold statement I know. Everything from the packaging, to the colour, the texture... oooh it is just a bit wonderful. 

I only got round to trying mine out this weekend as was far too scared to mess up the beautiful print design. In the end, I gave in, and I am so glad I did as it just applies seamlessly to the skin. I much prefer to use my finger tips on applying this, so I can build up and place the product to just how I like it. Has anyone else noticed the divine fragrance too? Majorette smells delightful. 

Used alone or as a base to an additional powder blusher on top, this surely is a staple for everyone's make-up bag. This peppy pink shade is the perfect pick me up and a must have for the colder seasons when your skin is feeling dull. 

Onto the fun bit... the #CheektoCheek Tag as created by those clever folk at Benefit Cosmetics... 

1) How do you apply Majorette?
With my fingers. Sure do. 

2) What box of powder do you wear Majorette with?
Gotta love a bit of Dandelion no?

3) What is your top tip for beautiful cheeks?
Wear Majorette, obviously and SMILE !! 

4) What is your cheekiest nail colour?
Hmm, cheeky nail colour would have to be my Essie The Girls Are Out, a gorgeous pink that I only wear when I am ready to down a few cocktails and have a boogie.

5) What's the cheekiest thing you have done?
Awesome question, but I am not really cheeky. I am as good as gold. I promise. Totally wouldn't share my last rolo though... 

6) Who's the cheekiest person you know?
My mother. She is one cheeky sausage. 

7) Who's cheeks would you have a sneak peek at if you could?
Theo James aka Four from Divergent. His cheeks are not all that I would want a sneak peek of.... 

8) What cheeky movie character do you like the most?
Iron Man. He is my hero and will be my future husband.

9) Have you ever rubbed cheeks with a celebrity?
I have shared a meat and potatoe pie with Peter Kay once. I also snogged Freddy from Skins, but he is a good friend of mine now, so he won't mind me saying that. 

10) Your favourite cheeky song? 
Have you seen the new Rock of Ages film? Love that soundtrack, but Anyway you want it gets the hair brush out. 

11) Who do you pass the baton too?
Megan from Wonderful You. Guuurl you gotta do this.

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