Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Would you consider Laser Treatment? | The Skin Series


I haven't added a post to my Skin Series in a while so today I thought I would discuss something that has been bothering me, something small, but still personal to me.

I like to think I am pretty comfortable in my skin, I don't have lumps and bumps, not even ones where they are supposed to be either, but this does not bother me. I quite like resembling an ironing board, I have always been this way.  I've grown to be happy with how I look. That doesn't make me vain, self assured or over confident, I just don't spend much time picking at parts of myself wishing them to change. Feeling content with yourself is a good thing, so don't knock it.

Nevertheless, every woman and man, has her insecurities and recently my legs have been bothering me. Not the shape, or size of them, but what covers them. It seems every month or so I get a brand new vein pop up. The tops of my thighs are covered in thread veins and little broken capillaries. It honestly never used to bother me but after wearing a bikini this summer, and being practically see through, I became exceedingly aware of my legs: What if people think my veiny legs are ugly?

I'm lucky. I don't have a lot of cellulite, and I am not very hairy, and if hairs do sprout up, like the rest of me, they are very fair. I know these are struggles friends and family deal with, but I rarely read about veins and how people feel about them. So I started to do a little research.

Laser treatment is an idea that I toy with. It can be used in all sorts of ways, from hair removal, to removing tattoos. I recently learnt you can also zap away unwanted thread veins and redness from pretty much anywhere on the body, and this is what I wanted to discuss today. 

Have any of you ever had Laser Leg Vein Removal treatment? If so, I would love to know your thoughts on this. I came across the Epilight New Skin Clinics*, a skin clinic based back up home in Liverpool and they offer all kinds of treatments including zapping away spider veins and much bigger veins. 

I also have redness and broken capillaries around my nose, which I only notice if I am looking into one of those super magnifying mirrors and squint a little a lot. The Epilight New Skin Clinics also offers Laser Skin Resurfacing, which helps to tone and break down veins and patchy areas, for smoother, more even looking skin. 

I don't know whether it is because I am 25 this year, and I am worrying about how my body will look as I get older or the fact I have been paying more attention to looking after my body. It possibly is both of these reasons. I just have to remember, my flaws are what make me, me, and that is okay. Yet it is also okay if I look into having treatments to help these imperfections. A person's overall well being is what is most important. 

Do non invasive treatments intrigue you? Would you consider having any of these sorts of treatments in the future? 

*Sponsored post - but I genuinely have a gazillion veins and it is something that really does bother me, and after the Epilight centre approached me I have since been saving for treatment.

Monday, 15 September 2014

The Bathory Customised Bath Soak | The Review

The Bathory Customised Bath Soak
The Bathory Customised Bath Soak
The Bathory Customised Bath Soak

I am a total grandma at the ripe old age of 25. My partying days are long behind me, and just one glass of red wine will send me to sleep. So how do I spend my Friday and Saturday nights folks? A good old soak in the bath and a good book - or a catch up on Bloglovin' more so these days. Bath products are my thaaang. So no pressure The Bathory.... 

When I was contacted from The Bathory*, one simple sentence pretty much had me hook, line and sinker: "....you can invent a personalised bath soak to fit your mood perfectly." Mmmmhmmm gurl you got my attention. 

Oh the website, the website, THE WEBSITE. It is totally radical and it makes the process of "inventing" so easy and enjoyable. Not so great for the indecisive like me, I could literally spend ages mixing up concoctions on there. First you pick your base, then you add your essential oils, and yup, that's it, easy peasy lemon squeezy my friends. 

Let me indulge you a little more. Step One.

You have three bases to choose from: Bask. Soothe. Detox. I went with Soothe, as the word alone is just so... well soothing. I tend to have a bath of an evening just before bed to relax, so soothe was the perfect choice for me. With oatmeal, honey and buttermilk it sounded just that wee bit more hydrating and luxurious. 

Step Two, is where the real fun begins. 

You have a selection of essential oils, of which you can choose three to help stimulate your mind. If having all of them there in front of you feels a little bit overwhelming, you can choose exactly how you want to feel, be that be sexy, focused or relaxed. I wanted to feel relaxed, but fresh all at the same time, so I had a browse through both relaxed and revived. I chose Chamomile, picturing a cup of camomile tea in hand whilst bathing. Lavendar because I just love the fragrance, and Rosemary, because it sounded a bit posh and was in the Revived section. You gotta love the method to my madness. 

Check out, and then poof. The magic is left in the hands of The Bathory. 

So what did I think of my bath soak? To be honest, and I am not being big headed here, it was one of the best baths I have had in a while. I would say 90% off this is down to my amazing decision making and 10% down to The Bathory. I joke, I joke. They do say, use all of the bath soak, that's right, all at once, for the BEST EVER BATH of your life. Come on. That is a bold statement. I like bold statements. This time around I didn't want to use it up all at once and have used little bits at a time, but I do intend to make another purchase and put them to the test.

For £18 you are getting not only a product, but a totally awesome experience too. I thoroughly enjoyed using the website, and it is something I will naturally recommend to friends and family to use too.

So, you know you want the chance to do this too, and thanks to the lovely team over at The Bathory, you can enjoy 15% off using my discount code: ZN_15 right through September. 

Go on then, what are you waiting for you lovely bunch of human beans. Join the league of extraordinary bathers:  Shop Now

*PR SAMPLE - and I totally love this product, I have not been paid to say this.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Backstage at Holly Fulton with Silk'n Beauty SS15 LFW

Backstage at Holly Fulton with Silk'n Beauty SS15 LFW
Backstage at Holly Fulton with Silk'n Beauty SS15 LFW

I still can't quite believe the day I had yesterday, it was absolutely marvelous and right now I am ridiculously happy. Two years ago I said: "In a few years time I will be at London Fashion Week, just watch." I have wanted to attend and work at London Fashion Week for years now, and this weekend my dream came true

Thanks to the lovely Lauren at Mediahubb and to Silk'n Beauty, I was given an exclusive opportunity to visit backstage at the Holly Fulton show. I was over the moon but exceedingly nervous all at once. Friday night I did not sleep a wink and felt so poorly Saturday morning, a complete and utter wreck. 

Panicking about what to wear I even dragged my gorgeous friend Beth around Oxford Circus until the late hours of Friday evening. With her and my youngest sister, Amy's influence, I put together this casual outfit, I wanted to be comfortable, but also look like I had made a little bit of effort. I went for satin burgandy crepe culottes, from Topshop. These were just £40 and are in black and white too, so I definitely need to go back to pick up some more - so comfy. My crop top, was a mission to find, as I had an idea of what I wanted, but finding one that was the right size and cut was almost soul destroying. River Island saved the day with this one for just £22. My bag a Forever 21 special (£22) and my shoes I bought last year in the Kurt Geiger sale. I did buy stunning heels from Office, but I could not walk in them so sadly they stayed in my handbag. Of course I had to wear my staple hat too. 

Backstage at Holly Fulton with Silk'n Beauty SS15 LFW
Backstage at Holly Fulton with Silk'n Beauty SS15 LFW
Backstage at Holly Fulton with Silk'n Beauty SS15 LFW
Backstage at Holly Fulton with Silk'n Beauty SS15 LFW
Backstage at Holly Fulton with Silk'n Beauty SS15 LFWBackstage at Holly Fulton with Silk'n Beauty SS15 LFW
Backstage at Holly Fulton with Silk'n Beauty SS15 LFW
Backstage at Holly Fulton with Silk'n Beauty SS15 LFW
Backstage at Holly Fulton with Silk'n Beauty SS15 LFW
Backstage at Holly Fulton with Silk'n Beauty SS15 LFW

Walking into the backstage area of the show was a surreal feeling. L'Oreal and M.A.C Cosmetics teams were getting the models runway ready, as were the main sponsor Silk'n Beauty. If you haven't heard of Silk'n Beauty, they specialise in home beauty gadgets. They have products which help you with everything from anti-aging to cleansing to hair removal. You will soon be hearing much more about this brand as I have the pleasure of testing out some of their products. 

As for the make-up, the most important part for me, I spotted M.A.C Mineralise Foundations & Concealers dotted around, giving the skin that dewy, ethereal glow. Brows were groomed, but natural. I absolutely loved the blue and white eye liner which really made all of the models eyes pop. So simple, but stunning. I could only dream of having skin like the model above. The hair was uniformed and sleek, in tied back low pony tails. There were at least three hair stylists per model, it was great to watch it all come together.

I loved watching the rush and chaos, as well as checking out all the videographers and photographers equipment. It was fascinating seeing everyone document their own personal snippets of the last moments before the show.

I felt a little out of place, as if I wasn't really supposed to be backstage, but I imagine that is what it must be like for everyone during their first time at #LFW. Luckily I had the pleasure of meeting Paula from The LDN Diaries, who made the whole experience a lot less nerve wracking. She was so lovely to chat to, and we even got to enjoy actually watching the show in action together, which was a nice surprise.

Backstage at Holly Fulton with Silk'n Beauty SS15 LFW
Backstage at Holly Fulton with Silk'n Beauty SS15 LFW
Backstage at Holly Fulton with Silk'n Beauty SS15 LFW

Now, you all know I am not a fashion blogger, nor certainly would I ever try to be. I do love fashion though and my appreciation for it as just as strong as my love for make-up. I wish I had the bank balance to demonstrate this. Scottish designer Holly Fulton's collection for SS15 consisted of embellished, multi-coloured 3D flowers, with splashes of monochrome. You cannot go wrong with steamlined black and white. It all felt very feminine, playful yet contemporary. I have to pinch myself that I captured these photographs, because I was right there, watching it amongst everyone else invited. 

Now I have had my taste for London Fashion Week, I am already looking forward to next season. My sights are set on New York next... gotta keep dreamin'.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Konjac Sponges... The New Flannel?

Konjac Sponges... The New Flannel?

Washing my face is by far my favourite part of the day, I actually get more excited about removing my make-up at the end of the day than I look forward to climbing into bed. I love my sleep, so this speaks volumes. 

Double cleansing. Oil cleansers. Gel cleansers. Micellar Water. We all talk so much about our products, but what about the tools? Surely the guys that assist in using that particular cleanser is just as important? 

I love a flannel, I'm looking at you Caroline Hirons. However, recently I have been more partial to a Konjac Sponge. 

What is a Konjac Sponge I hear you cry?

Well these particular ones were kindly sent to me from The Konjac Sponge Co*. and are made with 100% natural konjac fibre, so plant fibre basically, one that is naturally rich in moisture (and is also edible, but don't try eating the sponges kids). It's natural alkalinity balances the acidity of the skin and it's oils. Each sponge will gently exfoliate, refine your pores, soften and condition the skin leaving you clean and refreshed. Sounds pretty wonderful, no?

The most amazing thing about these sponges in my opinion, that there are different ones for face and for body, and for different skin types. So say you have dehydrated/combination skin like I do, then choose the green one as it has french green clay in the mix, or for oily/spot prone skin choose one with bamboo charcoal in. All of these sponges are cruelty free and vegan friendly, with their ethos of kind to you & kind to the environment.

Konjac Sponges... The New Flannel?

This one is my favourite, as I just love the cute, pink heart shape*. As you can see from the photograph, this sponge is designed for tired and devitalized skin, so this is definitely a must have for my bathroom cabinet. My skin at some point during the month (well one particular time of the month, hey ladies) starts to look a bit dull and ugly, so this is when my new pink friend comes in handy. Using this sponge is so easy, I don't even have to use a cleanser, as it deeply cleanses the pores, removing bacteria and oil without the need for any additional products. I really hate it when my flannels lose that super soft feeling, and become all starchy and stiff, with these sponges you won't get that. They feel so, so soft on the skin and feel like a mini facial & massage in one. 

When using my sponge of an evening, I remove my make-up first with a micellar water or I pop a little bit of cleanser onto the sponge. This is because the sponges will only remove water based make-up on their own so any eye make-up you will need a bit of a helping hand. Yup, that does mean these are delicate enough to use around your eye area. Not one bit abrasive.

Konjac Sponges... The New Flannel?
Konjac Sponges... The New Flannel?

I love the idea of having a konjac bath sponge*. Using body scrubs can be quite messy, so to find a new way of efficiently exfoliating is just fabulous. This one suits my skin as my back unfortunately does suffer the odd minor outbreak around that time of the month or if I have been doing yoga frequently. Not something one likes to discuss often, spottage of the backage, but hey, I am human, it happens. This sponge has really helped and my skin has never felt better.

Konjac Sponges... The New Flannel?
Konjac Sponges... The New Flannel?

Now this one is designed for my skin type. I have the awful dehydrated skin type. I suffer from dryness around my eyes, an oily t-zone and hormonal breakouts. It's like the gift that just keeps giving. PAH. I have recently changed my skincare routine, which I will soon be discussing here on the bloggy, and included in this change is this Konjac French Green Clay Facial Puff Sponge*. This, without a doubt, and I promise I am not just saying this because I have been sent these products, has really had an impact on my skin. My boyfriend, not once, but 3 times in one week has commented on my glowing skin and how much better it is looking. Underneath my make-up, and up close, my skin has been awful of late, and it has only been this last month that I am finally seeing serious improvement. My pores have shrunk, my skin tightened, black heads frequent less often and my painful hormonal breakouts, are still there yes, but at a much calmer level. 

I must tell you a tale as to why the packaging of this one is different to the others in this post. I naughtily broke a blogging law and tried the sponge before photographing it. I know, I know, slapped wrists. I stupidly left this sponge in a hotel I was staying in and I was distraught, as I had already fallen in love with it. I emailed the team there at Konjac, and they immediately sent me out a replacement. Talk about amazing customer service. This is the mail order packaging, so if you were to ever place an order that way, then this is the style you would receive. Same product. Different wrapper. 

Prices ranging from £7.99-£12.99, it is a little more than what you pay for the standard face cloth. However, these are so much more than a flannel, and will last up to 3 months. The fact that this brand even offer sponges for your pets and babies, you cannot fault them. 

Thankyou Konjac Sponges, you have got yourself a customer for life my new friends. 


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Adding to my M.A.C Cosmetics Collection... | Beauty Haul

 What is it exactly about M.A.C Cosmetics that makes us go crazy? 

The perfectly displayed lipstick stand? The cult status? Just the sheer offerings of colour and texture? 

Well, whatever your reason is for loving M.A.C Cosmetics, I am right there with you, as this brand is definitely one of my favourites. Off I popped to my local store, Soho London, and picked up a few bits. Believe it or not, I only intended to buy a lip liner for an upcoming celebrity tutorial I have coming up, and did I buy the lip liner? No. I totally got side tracked and forgot. 

2 blushers. 2 lipsticks. 2 eyeshadow refills. I was happy. My bank balance not so much.

I am never drawn to pinks, ever. So, god only knows why I chose Fast Play, a dull pink, somewhat close to my natural lip colour, but better. I love the texture of the Amplified Cremes, they are pigmented, but not drying, creamy but not shiny. Fast Play is not a colour I see often on the blogging circuit, but it is such a pretty colour. One I will be teaming with strong brows and brown eyeshadow looks, ready for the Autumnal transition. I think Spice lip liner would work well with this for a 90's twist.

Yash, is another colour I do not see myself wearing often, but this shade may give you a clue as to which celebrity I plan to film a tutorial for. A warm nude, with brown undertones, I would only ever wear this with a bold smokey eye. Being fair, I would not naturally suit this, but I plan to have fun when planning my make-up look using it anyway.

Star Violet and Sable

Sable and Star Violet, super pretty eyeshadow shades and ones of which I have been wanting to add to my collection for a while. Sable is a gold plum with a bronze pearlescent finish, great as a wash of colour during the day. Star Violet, this is more of a pinky, plum-brown shade, one that will make my eyes pop and will be great for the Autumn season. Pinks and purple hues are great for those with blue eyes as they will make them truly stand out. I have already been mixing these into my usual daily make-up routine and I am over the moon with them, I should have bought them sooner. 

This reminds me, I am yet to post a daily make-up routine, is this something you would like to see?

Harmony blusher, most commonly known as a great contouring shade had to be added to my shopping bag and Pinch Me blusher is just beautiful. Worn together, they are a refreshing change from my usual bronzed contour and pink cheeks. Harmony has a grey undertone which makes the skin look fresh in the cooler months, and Pinch Me, well, the peachy hue is just a total revamp for me.

There is always more that I want, especially more lipsticks. A girl can never have enough, right?

Monday, 8 September 2014

Too Faced Bulletproof 24hr Eyeliner | My Thoughts

Too Faced Bullet Proof 24hr Eyeliner
Too Faced Bullet Proof 24hr Eyeliner Too Faced Bullet Proof 24hr Eyeliner
Too Faced Bullet Proof 24hr Eyeliner
Too Faced Bullet Proof 24hr Eyeliner
Too Faced Bullet Proof 24hr Eyeliner

I rarely wear eyeliner, but when I do it is when I want to make a statement. With my Too Faced Bulletproof 24hr Eyeliners* I sure can do that. 

A chunky crayon, with a defined point one end and a bullet shaped blending ball the other, these duo ended pencils are perfect for the girls and guys on the go. Designed to create high impact, bold and precise lines no make-up bag would be complete without one. Like your make-up to stay put all day? These will grab your attention for sure. I didn't exactly brave the 24hr test, but from 7am to 10pm in the evening, my eye make-up had not smudged, budged or moved in anyway. I even struggled to get it off with my eye make-up remover. A waterproof wonder. 

Something I discovered by accident, there is also a built in sharpener to keep that point.. well pointy.

I have shades (from left to right swatches above) Black Out, Dirt Bag, Purple Rain and Get Lucky. There are a few more available but I am quite happy with my little selection here. My favourite has to be Dirt Bag. I have been using this all over my eye lid and along my lower lash line, followed by a speedy blending action with a M.A.C 217 and a dusting of M.A.C Cosmetics Star Violet. This combination well and truly makes my eyes pop. 

I will be popping more make-up looks and celebrity make-up tutorials up on here, and will be sure to use these to show you exactly how fab they are. Just take my word for now. You will love 'em.

RRP £19.00

Friday, 5 September 2014

The Daring Game Collection Autumn 2014 | Kiko Cosmetics

Autumn is by far my favourite season. Everything from the changing colours of the leaves, layered clothing, boots and scarves, to, and most importantly, exciting beauty launches. My English Rose skin is more suited to the cooler months and deeper shades of berry and brown that come out to play this time of year. 

Speaking of playing, Kiko Cosmetics have recently launched their Autumn 2014 Daring Game Collection*, limited edition of course. The packaging adorned by hearts, clubs and spades. It oozes Casino Royale. I half expected Daniel Craig to come with the box in all honesty, a girl can only dream. 

Fun yet sleek, I instantly warmed to this collection. Here I have a small selection of products available, the collection has a lot more on offer, something to suit everyone for sure. 

Out of the six Poker Nail Lacquers, I have two shades: Suggestive Red and Prestigious Taupe. The formula has been created to give a gel like effect, in the photographs above I have just one layer of varnish on and you can see the colour pay off is great - no streaks. Both of these shades I love and will definitely be wearing these throughout Autumn. The packaging perfectly ties in with the theme with dice topped lids, a great little finishing touch.

Oh this lipstick is just to die for, I literally have not stopped wearing it. THIS is the go to shade for Autumn. Berry, plums, browns are great, but those wine shades, mmmhmm. Throw yourself back to the 90's'. Bushy brows, dark lips and contoured skin. A semi matte finish, the texture is creamy and glides onto your lips effortlessly. Intensely pigmented the finish is fabulous. The Ace of Diamond lippie I have here is shade 27, Refined Burgandy, impeccably named.

Each of the lipsticks in this collection has a coordinating lip liner. Lip liners are more than often under rated by the make-up lover. You wouldn't walk out the house without putting on underwear beneath your clothes now would you? Well.. if you do, that is .. erm well each to their own. Lip liners primarily prime your lips, but you can also use them to accentuate and shape them too. I will always use a lip liner before applying my lipstick, and actually choose to wear them alone as the staying power is usually much better. I promise, I am not bluffing here, but choosing this pair, you are onto a winner. 

See what I did there. You gotta give me a pat on the back for effort.

Posh felt tip pens are the future. The All-In Eye Marker and Kajal, is basically just that. I love how this is duo ended and makes a fab addition to any make-up bag. I rarely wear eye liner, and if you read my blog regularly, you will know I am rather lazy and impatient. So when a product presents itself to make my life much easier, then this makes me happy. For adding definition to your smokey eye or drawing a wee cat flick, this pen is what you need in your hand..

I aint gonna stop trying to get these card insinuations in here... just sayin'

Continuing along the theme of quick and easy application, take a look at this Colour-up Long Lasting Eyeshadow. This time we have ourselves a crayon. Simple to apply, adheres to the eyelid like a dream. The creamy formula blends effortlessly, yet once fixed does not budge or crease. I have been using this like a primer, all over the lid before applying an eyeshadow on top, as well as using it alone to brighten up my eyes and to highlight my brow bone. Here i have shade 8, Sinuous Shell. It's lush, I like it a lot.

The Mystery Smokey Eye Pencil, sure was a mystery to get into. The packaging definitely epitomizes the one that bluffs in a poker game. You think, yup, just another pencil, then it leaves you scratching your head. I was like, how do you get into this? The poker face then reveals their hand. The pencil is encased within the silver tube, and you have to slide it out to get to the goodies. Maybe I am the only one who found this intriguing, puzzling and entertaining all at once, but it most certainly put a smile on my face. There is a purpose to this packaging however, not just to confuse me, it is to protect the pencil - who always gets half way through a pencil to find it no longer sharpens without the lead breaking? Wa-lah, a problem no more.

You can never have enough smokey eye pencils, I am always on the hunt for great colours and texture and this burgandy shade is just what my eye colour adores. Not too hard, not too soft and long lasting. I want them all.

So, if you haven't guessed already I kinda love the Daring Game Collection. Roll on Autumn, I am ready for you.

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