Guess who’s back…

I walked past a Waterstones store in Harrogate a couple of days ago, and my mind was completely blown as I noticed the Christmas lights and decorations in the window. I was totally not prepared to have to feel festive already, having spent the last 6 months sipping sangria and eating my weight in aioli. How is it already nearly Christmas? HOW?

That’s right kids, I am back in the UK, not with a tan might I add (Sadly, this has already faded) but I have arrived home with a fresh new mindset, and notebook filled with blogging ideas.

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Lipstick Love.

Another beauty PR parcel just landed on my desk. From a brand that previously sent me a collection, that I have still not blogged about. I couldn’t even bare to open the package as the guilt set in. I have totally and utterly fallen off the beauty blogging stratosphere – is that the right word? I don’t know. Nevertheless, blogging is something that I truly love. The one thing, that even when it seems a chore, I never get bored of it. I have never given up. I may forget to regularly fill these inter-pages with content, but I do come back, eventually. I just need to keep coming back, every week. Remember that time I always popped up in  your Bloglovin feed? Those were good times. Let’s get back to that.

Today I want to talk about my favourite lipsticks. 

Lipstick always makes everything better. You can throw on a pop of colour and instantly your face and attitude changes. For me it does anyway.

I’m hoping throwing lipstick into my blog, will inject the life that it really needs right now. LOOK AT ALL THIS COLOUR.

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Five To Try from Kiko Cosmetics.

I get asked all the time to choose what my favourite make-up brand would be, and I can never narrow it down to just one. Kiko Cosmetics definitely falls into my top five however, that’s for sure. With so many amazing products to play with, that are great quality for not a lot of money, you can’t really go wrong with this brand. One of my most popular post’s, actually from when I first started blogging, happens to be this review of my very first Kiko Cosmetics haul in Mallorca. For those of you who are yet to dabble with the brand I thought I would put together a one stop shop, of my five favourite products. Enjoy.

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Refreshing Summer Skincare.

Living in Ibiza for the Summer, I have really had to fine tune my skincare routine to suit the hot weather. Wearing make-up and sweating in the sun,  is not a great combination and it is not every day that I feel I can go make-up free, so sadly, my skin does suffer in the warmer climate. Luckily, I do know a thing or two about how to care for my skin, whatever the weather, and I have picked out a small handful of products that have been my saving grace over the past few months.

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Taking An Accidental Break from Blogging.

Well hello there. It has been a little while hasn’t it? To be exact, one month and four days.

Since starting this blog, that is the longest period of time I have gone without writing one single post. I actually cried when I saw I had neglected my little space for so long. I was horrified. I allowed myself to just drop off the blogosphere. To be honest with you, I have been so tired, it was inevitable that this blog was going to have to take a back seat for a while, but to see it in black and white, it hurt you know?

Before moving to Ibiza, I made the wrong assumption in believing I would have so much more time on my hands to plow my ideas and passion into this blog. Ibiza would give me some amazing content, I thought. I was so excited. Unfortunately, I actually work more out here than I ever did back in the UK. Thank goodness for the lifestyle balancing out my work life. Working 6 days a week, some evenings until 10pm, on my one day off, all I want to do is lie on a beach, on the back of a boat or go swimming in the beautiful waters surrounding this little island. The last thing I wish to do is to set up my laptop, for the millionth time that week and stare at a screen.

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High Rise Volume



That’s why her hair is so big. It’s full of secrets.

My latest secret comes from the guys at Redken. Their new High Rise Volume collection.

I don’t think I have ever said the words: I have too much volume. Have you?

If you want a polished lift then this range is for you. The shampoo smells ruddy delightful, and adds lots of body to your hair as you wash it. It contains Filloxane, which works on every strand to give you a fuller effect. The conditioner is incredibly light, and is also a fabulous detangler. I have tonnes and tonnes of fine hair that gets knotty very easily, so to have a conditioner that battles again this is great.

There is also a volumizing gel styling product, which I admittedly do not use every time I wash my hair as I can never remember to pop this stage in, but when I am getting ready for a big night out and want my hair to have that extra bit of volume and bounce, then I will reach for this as it really does work. I just like the fact it feels like you are just putting water into your hair, not a sticky substance, and does not weigh your hair down at all. I do also spray heat protectant on my hair too, as was not sure if this protected against heat damage as well – I don’t believe it does.

Having always been a firm fan of Redken it is nice to change up my usual Blonde Idol routine with something new from the brand. I am loving this new range so far and I am really excited to test out the other part of the Volume range, Beach Envy. Review coming soon!

So if you are after a high quality, high volume shampoo and conditioner then I highly (pun intended) recommend you try these out.



A Splash of Fragrance.

a-splash-of-fragrance-zoe-newlove-beauty-blogger-missoni stella-mccartney-missoni-and-narcisso-fragrances-zoe-newlove-beauty-bloggerA-Splash-of-Fragrance-beauty-blogger-zoe-newlove

I believe every woman (and man) should have a wardrobe of fragrance. I used to be that girl with one staple scent that I wore year after year, after year. For those wondering, it was Tom Ford Black Orchid, and the moment my baby sister started religiously wearing it (my own fault, I bought it as a present) it no longer felt like it was all mine.

I went on the hunt for my next signature fragrance, and soon realised that it was a lost cause. Not because I couldn’t find a perfume I loved, but because I loved so many, each reflecting a different part of my personality and playing upon different moods. Just like the clothes I choose to wear, I select a fragrance that fits my mood that day. You can never have too many perfumes. Hello Airport Duty Free. Three that I have been loving recently….

Narciso Rodrigeuz Narciso Poudree

The most stunningly packaged, this oozes elegance and minimalism. It has a very powdery light top note, but the underlying warmth is what draws me to this fragrance. It has all the woody notes that I love, vetiver, as well as black and white cedar. It feels very feminine and is something that I wear when I’m wanting to feel empowered. I carry a little travel bottle of it with me in my handbag and get so many compliments when I wear this.


Do you know when you come across that scent that just screams: holiday? This is one of those perfumes. The beautiful colourful, marble style bottle sits so pretty on my dressing table and you know before you even try it that it is going to be a super fun fragrance. It is adorably fruity and floral, but again has those base notes that are just a touch deeper: woods and tonka bean. Inspired by women who live with exhilaration, their presence is captured in each note. This for sure will be my Ibiza perfume. 


You’re wearing Stella aren’t you?

Yes, how on earth did you know?

Usually I wouldn’t appreciate someone knowing what perfume I am wearing, it makes me feel like the whole world is wearing it, and I quite enjoy being a little unique you know? However, considering I was asked by Ibiza roomie Lauren (also a make-up artist check her out hereeee) and she is an ultra cool chick, I felt pretty happy with myself. It is a stunning floral fragrance, very traditional and I love that. I would never have picked this myself, so when I was sent it to try, I was shocked at how much I loved it. I really am falling in love with these feminine perfumes.

If a perfume can make me feel sexy, sensual and like I can take over the world, it’s mine. Any recommendations? Shoot.



A Daily Dose of SPF.


Applying an SPF to my face is as much a part of my routine as is brushing my teeth. Admittedly, I do only apply suncream on a daily basis to my face, the other areas tend to only see an SPF when I am having a beach day, a day of sun worshipping. Nevertheless, I do see SPF as an important part of my daily skincare routine and I have found some absolute corkers to see me through the Summer here in Ibiza.

My favourite, due to the fact it doubles up as my moisturiser too, is the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Moisturiser, with an SPF 15. The pump is a little annoying, and it doesn’t always work, but when it does it really is worth it. It has the instant plumping effect, and I feel my face tighten a little – smoothing those lines – and it feels nice and light weight too.

When I use a different moisturiser, I will layer an SPF over the top, and the one I turn to is the Bioderma Photoderm Max 50+. I much prefer having a higher factor on my face, and 50 is perfect. This is incredibly light, and does not feel greasy at all. I will be repurchasing this the instant it runs out.

Not available until 1st September, I have been trialling the bareMinerals Prep Step Mineral Shield SPF50. In terms of ingredients and knowing that I am putting goodness into my skin this product wins over all the other brands mentioned. A very similar formula to the Bioderma cream, as it feels extremely lightweight and sinks straight into the skin – without leaving the white wash finish. You can use this over the top of your normal moisturiser.

If you’d rather your SPF be a part of your make-up routine, instead of your skincare routine, then use a BB cream.Vichy Normaderm BB Cream SPF 40 is really lightweight, with great coverage and is suited to blemish prone skin, so it’s a winner all round. I always get compliments on how fab my skin looks when I wear this. It is a permanent staple in my make-up bag. Lancome Soleil Bronzer SPF 50 again gives really nice coverage, and makes my skin appear super healthy. It feels really nourishing and smells amazing.

If you have no clue why SPF is so important, than just remember that it prevents your skin from ageing via sun damage. Keep those pesky fine lines and wrinkles away, and avoid pigmentation by always using an SPF.


Eivissa Summer Nights.

zoe newlove ibiza summer nights fashion post blow out ibiza ibiza summer nights fashion zoe newlove blow out ibiza bare minerals scott ninness photography ibiza summer nights fashion zoe newlove blow out ibiza bare minerals scott ninness photography ibiza summer nights fashion zoe newlove blow out ibiza bare minerals scott ninness photography

Rarely do I step out, head to toe, in front of the camera. Yeah okay, I do my beauty shots for my make-up posts, but these are just of my head and shoulders, areas I can happily control without having to think too much. When you ask me to think about what my arms, legs, hands and feet are doing, it all becomes too much, and quite frankly, I feel rather stupid in front of the camera. I have been known to throw a tantrum, and storm off from my boyfriend when attempting to do more of a fashion shoot. I get all nervous and sweaty and turn into a quivering wreck.


I keep telling myself to step out of my comfort zone, to grow my confidence and to not be so shy.


Last Saturday, I had spent the entire day with the beautiful bareMinerals team, as part of a very exciting press trip, and before going out to dinner together, we all got the chance to get glam’d up by Blow Out Ibiza. The super talented Ionnis, one of bareMineral’s International Make-up Artists did my make-up for the evening, using an exciting new foundation which I cannot share with you just yet. He said he wanted to give me a J-Lo glow, and he sure did. My skin was super bronzed and I felt very glam. One of the guys from Blow Out Ibiza did my hair, and I have never had someone do my hair so quickly, so effortlessly and yet make it look so gorgeous. He had serious hair skills and I will definitely be visiting the salon again this Summer for multiple make-overs. I am going to try and recreate this look and put together a tutorial so you guys can do it at home too.

I have quite a few Summer dresses hiding away here in my Ibiza wardrobe, and as I work so much at the moment, it really is a special occasion when I get to choose one to dress up in. If you know me, on a day to day basis, I don’t really bother making an effort with my appearance. I live in jeans and tee shirts, and own more trainers than heels. I love the fact when I do decide to make an effort, I look completely different, it gives me that extra boost of confidence I really need. To prove the point of me looking so different, one person on the dinner table, having met me before, did not even recognise me. Hair and make-up really does work wonders, as does a nice, fun dress. Stepping away from my plain monochrome day time wardrobe, it is nice to wear a bold print. This graphic print dress is just stunning and I got so many girls asking me where I bought it from. I actually just picked it up from ASOS, it stood out as the colours were bold, but not too dramatic, and I knew with a tan it would look fab. Another cheeky bonus – and the reason why I chose to wear it out for dinner – it is so loose and floaty, you can easily hide those food babies 😉

ibiza summer nights fashion zoe newlove blow out ibiza bare minerals scott ninness photography

If I ever decide to wear jewellery, again I keep things really simple and I go for more unusual pieces rather than what everyone else can be seen wearing. I was very kindly gifted this beautiful bracelet, by Dana Levy, from the Evil Eye collection. I absolutely love it, and it will forever remind me of my time here in Ibiza. How cute is the little pom pom?

DressBag ShoesBracelet 

Okay so I am actually pretty nervous about hitting publish, this really does feel like my first ever fashion post. I won’t be making a habit of this style of post, but I thought it would make a nice change – plus I have not posted in a while, so why not bounce back with something completely different for me?

What’s your Summer style?


Photography by Scott Ninness www.scottninness.com
zoe newlove valspar cosmetics collection

Be Confident With Colour | A Valspar Collabaration

mac cosmetics lipsticks valspar cosmetics collection zoe newlove

I get approached on a regular basis to collaborate with brands, and most of the time they are not a suitable fit for my blog. So when a paint brand, yes paint, as in what you would use to decorate your house with, contacted me I was a little taken a back. My blog is nothing to do with interiors and I certainly would not trust myself to paint my own bedroom walls. I then read on to see what they were interested in doing, and I thought it was a brilliant idea.

Valspar, the paint brand, were holding a media event to introduce journalists and bloggers to their new Collections ranges, launching this Spring in 60 B&Q stores across the country. One of their collections, Cosmetic Colour, had been inspired by the world of cosmetics and beauty. The idea being, I would attend the event and encourage people to be bold with their lipstick choices, and to have the same courage to be daring with their interior choices.


valspar event london vlog zoe newlove valspar new paint collection cosmetics collection zoe newlove Valspar Paint Collaboration beauty blogger zoe newlove zoe newlove valspar cosmetics collection beauty blog collaboration zoe newlove valspar cosmetics collection beauty blogger zoe newlove valspar cosmetics collection

Any excuse to play with make-up and colour, I was immediately excited to collaborate, and I was keen to learn more about a new industry. I flew back to London a few weeks ago for this event and had the best time, the team from Valspar and the PR agency well and truly looked after me.

As for the new Collections, there are five influences ranging from The Bookcase, which has been inspired by story telling and timeless masterpieces, Out Of This World, which has an awesome array of galactic colours, to Pantone Pop, all about being bright and vibrant.

I got to meet interior designer, Sophie Robinson, who was so lovely and genuine and she was demonstrating how to do stencilling with the paint, as well as allowing people to give it a go themselves. What was really cool to see, was a Graffiti Life artist, painting an out of space scene throughout the day using the Out of This World collection and glitter!

For someone like myself who is not yet a home owner, but cannot wait to buy her very first home, it was so inspiring (and also felt very grown up) to be discussing interiors and finishes all day long, but also having the fun of playing with make-up too. It was great to encourage those who came down to the event to be more daring with their choices, both in make-up and with paint.

You can use Valspar paint to decorate not just your walls, but to upcycle and craft pretty much anything as it is multi surface paint. The chair in my little boudoir area where I did the make-up demonstrations had even been painted!

I filmed my day with Valspar here & you can even see my bestest buddy Megan Gilbride from Wonderful You pop down to visit me…

The Valspar® Collections are available in 60 B&Q stores, find your nearest store here: http://www.valsparpaint.co.uk/about-us


*This is a Sponsored post in collaboration with Valspar Collections.