Saturday, 19 April 2014

Caudalie AntiOx Polyphenol C15 Launch

Polyphenol C15

Frequently, I talk about brands that I like, but very rarely, do I shout about the ones I adore. J'adore Caudalie. Throwback to the days of SpaceNK, I would be seen spritzing Beauty Elixir at least every 10 minutes, on myself, my colleagues or of course, on the customers. Caudalie, is one of the ONLY brands that I have never been disappointed by. So when I was invited to attend the launch of the new Polyphenol C15 range you can only imagine my delight!

French woman are beautiful. You cannot fault that statement. They take care of their appearance in a way British women can only wish they could. Be it a school run or running to the grocery store, the French just do it immaculately, a hair not out of place. Their secret? I am not entirely sure, but Caudalie opened my eyes to what the answer could be. Continue reading, you will not want to miss this.

Polyphenol C15

Tucked away in Covent Garden, quietly sits the new Caudalie Boutique & Spa. I had been dying to visit, and walking through the doors I instantly fell in love with the place. If you haven't been, I urge that you do. 

So let's get down to business. Polyphenol C15, what are you and WHY do I need you in my life? 

Wrinkles, we've heard of these, but what causes them? Free. Bloody. Radicals. Free radicals attack the skin, breaking down our cells, causing us to look haggard and old. Unfortunately, we cannot escape free radicals, but we can improve our defense system, with a little help from some powerful grapes. 

Caudalie derive their amazing skin care from grapes. Literally everything from the stem, to the skin, to the seeds and juicy goodness gets poured into their products. Polyphenol C15 is a combination of the antioxidant packed grapes and stabilized Vitamin C. The perfect anti-aging, wrinkle fighting cocktail. 

Before I got to play around with these #AntiOx infused products we were introduced to a nutritionist, Sybille Gebhardt. I knew she was French before she spoke, yup you guessed it, she was beautiful and skin - FLAWLESS. Sybille explained you can look after yourself on the inside as well as the outside to help fight against these free radicals. She showed us how to make a beautiful chocolate mousse and a detox drink, all using completely natural ingredients. I went home that night and ordered a NutriBullet, I kid you not. 

I was also thrilled to find out Sybille is a yoga teacher and she specialises in teaching you to become your own osteopath at a place called The Light Centre. I haven't been yet as I haven't had the time, but I will definitely be stopping by in the near future. Yoga is a passion of mine and I am very much looking forward to trying her class. 

Polyphenol C15

A serum, a moisturiser and an eye cream make up this fabulous range, and I promise you will love them. They carry the typical Caudalie fragance, which is gorgeous if you don't know that already, and feel amazing on the skin. I particularly love the serum, and I have been using it for a week now and I have seen a huge difference. My skin was beginning to look dull and sluggish, but in the last few days it is brighter and firmer, and just sooo much better than before. I got these little mini versions to keep, which I believe to be THE best size for travelling with and will come in handy as I travel back and forth between here and Mallorca over the Summer. Did I mention the moisturiser has an SPF 20? Well there you go. 

Why not try this range for yourself, you can pick up an AntiOx box from Caudalie for just £15 online and in stores now. As well as samples of the new range, you get a recipe and a stress ball! 

This launch was one of my favorites so far, I walked away feeling inspired and it isn't often a brand has that affect on me. It is so important that we look after ourselves on the inside and the outside and it is comforting to know that we have brands that genuinely understand this. Caudalie thank you for having me, it was an absolute pleasure.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Williams and Coburn Loreal Colour Trophy Experience

Some of you may have noticed my dramatic change in hair style recently! If you haven't seen it, then you will today as this post covers the make-over step by step. Modelling is something I hardly ever discuss, as it is only something I do every now and then, and I always feel silly saying I "model". I much prefer being behind the camera rather than standing, posing in front of it. Nevertheless, last week I had my hair chopped off for the Loreal Colour Trophy Regionals in Manchester. Somehow I managed to strut down a catwalk, not once, but twice, without falling over in front of a row of judges and an audience. 

I was walking for Willams and Coburn, a fabulous hair salon in Cressington, Liverpool. My hairdresser and stylist, Cheryl is a beautiful soul and her team are just wonderful. I had an amazing time working with this salon for the show and I hope to see them again soon. 

Cheryl showed me how she intended to cut my hair, just typical really that she wanted to chop it all off and give me a fringe, at a time when I was hoping to grow it long. I wasn't scared or worried though, in the past I have had my hair very short and to be honest, hair is only hair really, it does grow back. I just made a mental note to buy some hats in case it went terribly wrong. Bottom line, I trusted Cheryl and was happy for her to do whatever to it. 

My hair can now be described as a blunt bob paired with a fringe, and as well as being bleached white blonde has tones of peach and pink  running through sections of it. I actually would love to be either pink or peach all over now, and I think the cut really frames my face. This is a style I would have never dared to get but having the decision taken out of my hands was an amazing and crazy experience, that I loved! 

I got to try out the most amazing dresses, all way out of my budget. I had no idea you could even get a dress for £3,000. Cheryl and Kelly decided upon a beautiful Yves Saint Laurent dress with some Jimmy Choo shoes. I was in heaven. 

Here you can see photographs taken from the day of the show. I was so unbelievably nervous walking out in front of all those people, but all of the other models taking part made the day so much fun and an unforgettable experience. Yes, I may look like something from The Adams Family, and yes I have no eyebrows, but hey you only live once right?

This new hair has given me a new found confidence that I never knew I had, one that speaks "I don't care what you think of me, because I am happy". My hair has always been my thaang, I am very grateful for the thick head of hair I have and I am now even more proud to rock a totally different look. Strange how a hair cut can completely change your outlook and attitude. 

Doing this has encouraged me to be more adventurous, not just with my appearance but with absolutely everything! I definitely want to say YES to more things and not be as scared to put myself out there. If I can walk out in front of a crowd with no eyebrows and an avante-garde mop then I now feel like I can pretty much do anything...

What do you guys think? 

A huge massive thankyou to Cheryl and Kelly from Williams and Coburn and a *virtual hug* to my amazing agent Jo from Pulse in Liverpool. Jo, you have been amazing, thank you so much.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Lush Cosmetics Haircare Haul

Lush Cosmetics Shampoo and Conditioner

Lush Cosmetics Shampoo and Conditioner

Lush Cosmetics, without a shadow of a doubt, is by far one of my most treasured places to stop by and pick up my beauty essentials. Each time I go in to explore I find something new to experiment with. As I glance at my stash of beauty products, I note I use cleansers, moisturisers, shower gels, bath bombs and even deodorant from Lush now. It couldn't possibly hurt to add to this ever growing collection could it?

For once, I am not entirely to blame for this spontaneous haul, the blame in fact lies with Megan from Wonderful You

Megan came to stay with me and brought along her Lush shampoo and said I could try it if  I wanted to - rooky mistake, NEVER try a fellow blogger's beauty products - your bank balance will only cry later. 

Clearly, I fell in love with it and there I was, a few weeks later, Lush shopping bag in hand. I somehow managed to pick up a conditioner and a hair mask as well as the shampoo - convincing myself that this was absolutely necessary. 

Fairly Traded Honey shampoo, simply smells delicious. In a nut shell, it knocks Herbal Essence orgasmic adverts out of the park, yes it smells THAT good. Packed with honey, beeswax and essential oils this shampoo is going to replenish your hair and restore all of the moisture it needs to stay shiny. It also contains Neroli which is toning and really uplifting. Yup, it is more than the average shampoo you will pick up in your local supermarket, but my hair has never felt so soft or smelt so good. There are 3 sizes available, including a mini travel size bottle. The price ranges from £7-£24. 

Veganese, a lightweight conditioner also carrying a beautiful fragrance. This is made from seaweed, lemon oil, lavender and rosemary. This really softens my hair but at the same time really sooths my scalp. I know that sounds strange, but when you've just been scrubbing at your hair to get it squeaky clean, to then use a conditioner which has a calming effect is a rather pleasant experience. I'm used to thick, creamy conditioners, so to use this was a nice change. I would definitely recommend this for those with fine hair as I imagine it wouldn't weigh the hair down at all. 

Lush Cosmetics Marilyn Hair Treatment
Lush Cosmetics Marilyn Hair Treatment

I haven't yet used Marilyn, a hair treatment designed specifically for blonde hair! It sounded perfect for me as I have just had the sh*t bleached out of my locks and I really need to take care of it, more so than before. When you bleach hair it sucks all of the life out of it and you really need to ensure you feed it with protein, vitamins and moisture to get a strong, healthy condition back. 

This treatment contains olive oil, which strengthens the hair shaft to help prevent any breakage, as well as Linseed to nourish and protect the hair. Packed with lemon, chamomile and saffron essential oils to help brighten in turn giving you that sun kissed feel. Marilyn can also help prevent the hair from going "brassy" - that horrible tarnished yellow look which my hair does tend to do after having bleach put on it. 

As a pre-wash treatment, I would stick this on for as long as possible before then washing it out. I will keep you posted as to how I get on with this, although  I highly doubt I will ever have anything negative to say about a single Lush product. 

Have you ever tried anything from the hair range? What is your favourite Lush product?

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Vichy Dermablend Event | Be Skin Confident

Vichy Dermablend

A few weeks ago I was kindly invited to attend the Vichy Dermablend event in London. Having never tried this brand before I was really looking forward to the evening. Running late as usual, I walked in a little flustered, and sadly did not recognise any fellow bloggers, however upon taking my seat I looked across the room to see one of my make-up artistry idols, Kenneth Soh, in action. I knew right there and then this brand was one I needed in my life...

Vichy Dermablend

Vichy Dermablend

If like me, you hadn't heard of Vichy, then not to worry, I will give you a brief introduction. Vichy started off as a French Pharmaceutical brand, and has in fact been around for 80 years. 80 YEARS! How on earth I have not tried anything from a brand which claims to be no1 worldwide across pharmacies, really does defeat me.

Today I will be talking about the Dermablend range in particular, a range developed over 30 years ago, designed to expertly cover all complexion flaws, even the most severe ones. Dermablend helps to cover redness, dark circles, uneven complexion, scars, pigmentation, burns and even tattoos! Skin is left looking luminous without a mask effect.

The Dermablend range has always been available in the US and other countries worldwide, but until now, hasn't been very accessible in the UK & Ireland. The purpose of this event was to introduce us to the revamped range and a few newbies to the collection.

Vichy Dermablend
Vichy Dermablend
Vichy Dermablend
Vichy Dermablend

Firstly, lets discuss the New Total Body Corrective Foundation, complete with SPF 15 this product is suitable for those who want to conceal severe skin imperfections such as scars, tattoos, stretch marks and varicose veins. It is suitable for all skin types including sensitive. 

There are only 3 shades currently available, Fair, Medium & Tan, believe it or not the one I have been testing out is the lightest one. Unfortunately, this is far too dark for my English Rose paleness. However, Vichy did say they are looking to expand the shade range, so maybe in the future (hopefully) there will be lighter shades available. Colours aside, this foundation is buildable and has a long lasting coverage, yet still leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. Usually you can feel full coverage foundations on the skin, and even sometimes appear as though a mask is on the skin. Not this foundation, it feels invisible to touch and is so seamless it is untraceable. The creamy texture makes application a dream and you also do not need to worry about it coming off - water, sweat and rub resistant too! 

Smoothing and hydrating this foundation literally has all angles covered. A suggestion made by Vichy, change up wearing tights to wearing this foundation. Cover those imperfections but feel comfortable whilst doing so. You can get hold of this for £29.75 for 100ml.

Vichy Dermablend
Vichy Dermablend
Vichy Dermablend
Vichy Dermablend

Dermablend Corrector Stick, available in 5 shades, again I am wearing the lightest shade - as you can see this concealer is also too dark for  my skin tone. I haven't tried this on my face yet, as it is drastically too dark for me, but as you can see from my swatch this is a high coverage concealer. Covering everything from blemishes to tattoos this is another fantastic product for those wanting to conceal skin imperfections. I found it very easy to blend and it is great to know it holds for up to 14 hours! 

Dermablend also offer a fluid foundation and a cream compact foundation, so if you don't need a foundation for use on your body or need something to carry whilst on the go, either of these options would suit you.

Vichy Dermablend
Vichy Dermablend

Out of all the products I was most excited to try the Dermablend Setting Powder, I have a secret (not so secret anymore) obsession with setting powder. I have quite a collection and I will never travel without one in my make-up bag. I have seen this product floating around the blogging hemisphere and it appears to be quite the hero product. This powder has been specifically formulated to prolong the wearability of Dermablend foundations, however can be used over any foundation that you may have. If used over a Dermablend foundation it ensures your base will be smudge and water resistant for up to 16 hours! It has a microfine texture that is translucent upon application, providing a matte and natural looking finish without changing the shade of the foundation below. 

I have fallen in love with this powder, it really has a beautiful feel to it and applies like a dream. I wore this over my M.A.C ProLongwear foundation and my base remained perfect all day long. The pair work hand in hand together and left me with a flawless base.

Vichy Dermablend
Vichy Dermablend

Last but certainly not least, I have been using the Vichy Purete Themale 3-In-1 One Step Cleanser.  I haven't actually used a cleansing milk for a little while now so it was refreshing to find this in my goody bag! I am totally against face wipes and try not to use them, now I have this cleanser on my bathroom shelf, I definitely have no excuse to sway. This product is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. I have been using this every evening as the first step in my cleansing routine, it removes every trace of my make-up including the most stubborn mascara and gel eye liner - without leaving an oily residue behind. I definitely struggle to remove eye liner more than mascara these days, anyone else? For something so fast and effective, it is surprisingly gentle. After using this my skin feels smooth and soft and fresh. It contains Vichy's trademark Thermal Spa water to help heal and hydrate the skin as well as containing no parabens. I would highly recommend this and I am going to be buying one to put into my professional make-up bag too, a truly fabulous product.

Overall, I am really impressed by Dermablend. I for one, was not born with perfect skin, or the confidence to at least pretend, or any confidence at all for that matter. So, I personally understand what it is like to want to hide away behind flaws and imperfections. Not many ranges actually hit all the boxes, with coverage, finish, and longevity but it appears Vichy really have got it spot on with this range. 

I have spider veins on my thighs, a scar on my face and pigmentation on my arms. Knowing I can reach to products like these to help cover those, will not only make me look better on the outside, but I will feel better on the inside. It may sound silly, and to others my flaws may not seem like anything at all, but those of you who do want to cover up marks on your body, no matter how big or small, will understand just how fantastic it is find make-up like this.

I am really keen to try out more from Vichy, especially the skincare! What do you guys think to the new and improved range?

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Trish McEvoy Azure Make-up Planner | My Thoughts

Trish McEvoy Azure Make-up Planner Selfridges
Trish McEvoy Azure Make-up Planner Selfridges
Trish McEvoy Azure Make-up Planner Selfridges
Trish McEvoy Azure Make-up Planner Selfridges

Greetings Earthlings. 

How are we all doing today?

You may have seen I recently attended the Trish McEvoy Azure Collection launch evening with Selfridges, which you can read all about here. I had such a fabulous night and it was an absolute honour to meet the lovely lady Trish herself. Without a doubt one of the nicest ladies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I generously was given a goody bag, overflowing with treats and delights, with the spotlight being on this stunning, limited edition, Make-up Planner. I have been so ruddy excited to review this, so let's get cracking... 

Let me first tell you about how the idea of the, Trish McEvoy signature, Make-up Planner was born. Trish was on vacation with her husband in Italy, and her make-up was scattered all around the hotel sink - we've all been there right? He took one look and said, "There has to be a better way." After years of hearing women complain of makeup excess and disorder Trish thought, enough already, and got to working on a system that would simplify the way make-up is purchased, applied and carried.

I for one, spend a lot of time travelling up and down the country, as well as flying back and forth to Mallorca, so for me this planner is just freakin' amazing. My handbag, overnight bag, my suitcase, my professional make-up kit - yes I have the arms of Hercules carrying all this - commuting with these bags alone is an annoyance, nevermind having to throw in half my weights worth of personal make-up to get by. Having this make-up planner means I literally have one filofax of make-up, and I can head out of the door. I also need not worry about forgetting anything, as this planner has everything covered (except brows/tinted moisturiser). 

Trish thought of everything, and even designed The 8-Step Power of Make-up Lesson, talking you through each step of the make-up, so you can effortlessly achieve a flawless look, regardless of whether you like looking au natural or whether you prefer to don layers, upon layers, upon...This planner is suitable for anyone and everyone.

Included in this limited edition design:

  • Petite Make-up Planner Azure
  • Eye Base Essentials Bare
  • Intense Gel Eye Liner Black
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Beauty Emergency Card for Eyes:Eyeshadow Soft Peach, Eye shadows Antique Rose and Barely Blue, Glaze Eye Shadows Ballet Pink, Rose Quartz and Pearl, Eye Definers Paris Nights and Arabian Nights
  • Lash Curling Mascara
  • Instant Eye Lift Shade 1
  • Petite Makeup Wardrobing Page
  • Bronzer Golden
  • Face Shaper Highlight 1
  • Blush Natural
  • Translucent Finishing Powder
  • Flawless Lip Colour Chic

Did I mention my planner has my initials stitched into it? Make-up heaven my friends, make-up HEAVEN.

Trish McEvoy Azure Make-up Planner Selfridges

Let's discuss the Petite Wardrobing Page containing the bronzer, highlighter, blush and translucent powder. The colours are exactly what I would choose, and are so flattering for my skin tone. I especially love the bronzer, it warms up my fair skin flawlessly, the powder is so soft and feels silky on application. See below for swatches. I love how this "page" sits on a binder just like a page from your filofax would. It also contains a handy little mirror for when you are on the go.

Trish McEvoy Azure Make-up Planner Selfridges

At the event one of the make-up artists showed me what Trish likes to call the Triangle of Light technique, using the Instant Eye lift concealer. The idea is to draw out a triangle, underneath the eye, and then you blend with either a brush or your fingers. The effect is brilliant. This concealer is super creamy and feels very light and hydrating which is exactly what you need for the eye area. The Eye Base essentials is your eye primer, and this neutralises any redness as well as slightly mattifying the eye lid, great for someone like me who has very oily lids. The natural tone of this primer means it looks just as fabulous alone without any need for shadow on top. I am really impressed that Trish included an eye primer in with this planner, as so many of us forget how important it is to use an eye primer - if you have never used one, start immediately and you can thank me later.

Trish McEvoy Azure Make-up Planner Selfridges
Trish McEvoy Azure Make-up Planner Selfridges

I love the little pink zip pocket, inside it contains an eyeshadow "card" and a lipgloss. The eyeshadows are beautiful. The texture and pigmentation make for easy application with great results. I really love the dark rose purple shade Glamorous and Rose Quartz, the shimmery dusty pink. There is something in here for everyone, whether you like a natural smokey eye or something darker and sexy.

Trish McEvoy Azure Make-up Planner Selfridges
Trish McEvoy Azure Make-up Planner Selfridges

The Intense Gel eyeliner has a lovely feel to it and is great for that "tight line" effect, simply make dots upright underneath the upper lashes, by pressing and wiggling the pencil, by doing so you add depth and definition giving you instant longer lashes. I love this techique, it makes my eyes "pop" and stand out. The mascara was something I was dying to try, the formula is a Japanese one, where the mascara comes off in tubes upon rubbing with water. This mascara is great for natural, well defined lashes with a little volume and curl. My ideal mascara.

Trish McEvoy Azure Make-up Planner Selfridges

To finish off the planner you get a gorgeous pink lip gloss, which tastes of mint and I probably eat more of it off than humanly safe. It gives the lips a healthy tint and is a colour that I would wear daily. An added bonus is it is not gloopy or sticky - hoorah! 

During the event I also picked up a tinted moisturiser and brow pencil to go with this planner, both of which fit snug as a bug inside the blue case. The reason you do not get these with the planner is because these need to be matched to your skin and hair tone. If you have not already guessed I am totally in awe of this planner, but the tinted moisturiser took me to a whole other level. I will be doing a separate post on this, and will also do a post on my favourite brow products, including this Trish McEvoy brow definer.

You can see me wearing all of these products in the photographs below. These products help me achieve a really healthy, natural glow and I could not be happier. I am a total convert, and yes Trish Mcevoy is a luxury make-up brand, but it is more than worth it. Make-up is a powerful tool and one I love to play with. I felt so comfortable in my own skin wearing this make-up, and that says a lot about the planner.

You can buy this amazingly packaged limited edition planner now from Selfridges, click here to check it out now online. It is available for £125. For some of you this may seem expensive, but take a minute to add up individually the contents of your own make-up bag, right now, and also note at how cluttered and messy it most likely is - my make-up bag certainly is something not to be proud of - and then think again when looking at investing into something like this. 

Trish McEvoy Make-up Planners are the future. The End.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Red Cherry Human Hair Lashes | My Thoughts

Red Cherry Lashes Style #415
Red Cherry Lashes Style #415

I got approached by False to review a pair of lashes from their website, I thought, fair enough, how hard will it be to pick a pair of lashes?

I clicked onto their website and honestly was a little overwhelmed by just how much choice they had on offer. If you love false lashes, then this website would be like a little slice of heaven for you. Out of instinct, the first brand I selected to browse through was Ardell. My kit is overflowing with lashes from this brand, my favourite pair being the Demi Wispies.  After slowly lusting after the lashes on display, I decided to be a little bit more sensible and choose a brand I had never tried before. This is how I came to the Red Cherry Human Hair lashes.

I had read that these lashes are really popular with the cast of The Only Way is Essex, therefore these lashes had to be glam, no? I chose the #415 because they looked really natural, yet full of volume too.

These lashes are hand tied using real (sterilized) human hair - they're easy to apply and comfortable to wear. Red Cherry is becoming an increasingly popular name in the world of false lashes, and I can certainly see why. They are VERY similar to my Ardell lashes, yet look and feel more natural. 

Here is a photograph of me wearing them, what do you think?

I would definitely go back to this website again to buy lashes from my kit, with so much choice, it would be rude not to. 

What is your favourite brand for eye lashes?

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